Willem Prof 22-23

Mr. Willem Esterhuyse

Director of Key Stage 2 - Year 4, 5, 6 and HPL

Hello, I am Willem Esterhuyse and I am from South Africa. I graduated from Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Wellington, South Africa with a bachelor's degree in education. I also obtained a bachelor’s honors degree in educational management from the same university. I have been working as a teacher for 13 years now, spending time in South Africa, Qatar and the UAE. I joined Gems Cambridge High School (CHS) in 2019 as a year 4 homeroom teacher.

I have earned accreditation as a High Performance Learning (HPL) teacher in 2021 and have a great passion for teaching mathematics and science. I always strive to make positive contributions to children's lives. With a strong commitment to the HPL philosophy, I believe that building a positive learning environment is essential for both students' and teachers' success. Students can be high performers if teachers provide the appropriate educational opportunities and the required support, assistance, and motivation. 

With CHS being an HPL world class accredited school, I use the HPL strategies both, in and out of the classroom, as well as in my personal life. I acknowledge that the world's future is in our classrooms, and making a difference in their lives is making a difference in the world.