Extra Curricular Activities

Developing skills in new ways

We offer our students a wide variety of co-curricular and extra-curricular programmes designed to ensure opportunities for all to participate. The co-curricular activities include field trips; cultural events; environmental and social service projects and campaigns.

Optional extra-curricular activities are available after regular school hours and are organised in three strands:

  • extra support classes in a range of academic areas
  • non-competitive sports activities
  • interest-based clubs such as cooking, journalism, drama, art and crafts, fashion design, computers and pottery.

Inter-House competitions are conducted in sports, public speaking, dance, quizzes, art, music and essay writing. Each activity whether sports-based or club-based provides opportunities for group leadership and organizing inter-school teams for art, quizzes, public speaking, IT competitions and MUN (

School Sports Teams

The school elects a boys' Sports Captain and a girls' Sports Captain who assist the PE staff with the Inter- School sports programme. Each sports team in the Sub-Junior, Junior, Intermediate and Senior categories has a Captain and a Vice-captain who also co-ordinate team practices with the Sports Captains.

To find out more about our extra-curricular activities, feel free to contact us on 02 552 1621.

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