BSO Report

BSO 2022: Good

The British School Overseas accreditation process judged the quality of education to be good and stated that Cambridge High School meets all of the requirements of the BSO framework.

Highlighted below are a few key statements from the report;

  • Students are very respectful of one another, and relationships are strong across the school. There is a positive determination for everyone to succeed and do well. 
  • Students talk about feeling safe and cared for.
  • Students were excellent receptive learners. They listened and followed instructions from the teacher, attentively and accurately in almost all lessons observed.
  • Standards in behaviour are excellent across the school.
  • Students observed were confident and articulate speakers overall.
  • At Key Stages 4 and 5 students’ attainment is outstanding in external examinations.
  • Students of determination made strong progress from very low starting points in English, mathematics, and science. This was due to the bespoke targeted support around each student’s individual needs and the strong working relationship the school has created with parents.
  • The school actively promotes diversity and harmony within the school.
  • Parents reported that they felt their children were safe in school and concerns are dealt with quickly.
  • All staff understood the importance of keeping students safe and were vigilant.
  • Parents reported that they are very pleased with ‘the teachers’ tremendous amount of support and encouragement provided to their children

BSO Report 2022

  • GEMS - The Cambridge High School BSO Report 2022

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