Fees and Payments

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Fee Structure for the Academic Year  2020-21.


Year Group

Tuition Fees
(one year in advance)

Termly Payment


Term 1



Term 2

(Jan -Mar)


Term 3

(Apr- Jun)

FS 2



4,575 4,575

Year 1 & 2


7,380 5,520 5,520

Year 3 & 4



5,925 5,925

Year 5 & 6



6,420 6,420

Year 7 & 8



7,500 7,500

Year 9 & 10


10,600 7,920


Year 11



8,400 8,390

Year 12 & 13


12,840 9,630 9,630


Fees and Payments

We endeavour to make our payment process as easy as possible with a range of simple and straightforward payment options, as well as a clear, concise fee structure. You’ll find everything you need to know about our fees and payment process here. Of course, if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us:
Telephone: +971-2-5521621
Email: [email protected]

Fee for New Admissions

For new admissions, a fee equivalent to 5% of the Annual tuition fees will be due upon acceptance of the Offer Letter and confirmation of enrolment in the applicable academic year.

This fee is non-refundable/non-transferable but adjustable against the first term tuition fee once the student joins the school. This fee is refundable if the parent gives notice of withdrawal before the beginning of the academic year, as per ADEK policy.


In order to secure the seat for the next academic year, parents will be asked to pay a re-enrolment fee which is non-refundable (5% of annual tuition fee in line with ADEC rules and regulations), but adjustable against the first term fees. Please note, students who are unable to be registered with the ministry due to missing required documentation, or students with an outstanding fee balance, will not be able to be re-enroll for the next academic year. 

Please note:

  • Fees per child- all in UAE Dirhams.
  • Tuition Fees may be paid one year in advance or one term in advance.
  • Students in Years 6, 9, 11, 12 and 13 will have to pay fees for Cambridge University Public Examinations.
  • All text books and stationery may be purchased from the school's stationery store.
  • School Uniform may be purchased from the designated school suppliers.
  • The school has outsourced the school transport service provider and fees should be paid to them.

Disclaimer: “Please note that school fees for the upcoming academic year are subject to change in accordance with Article 51 the Bylaw of Federal Law No. (28) of 1999 Concerning Private Education and applicable regulations.”