Angelo Prof 22-23

Mr. Angelo Anthony Gonsalvez

Phase Leader for Key Stage 3 - (Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 )

My name is Angelo Anthony Gonsalvez. I am proud to be a member of the Gems family, CHS.

I joined CHS in 2014, and I have enjoyed every moment. Apart from my role as Head of KS 3, I teach Mathematics to Year 12 and Year 13. I have done my Bachelor and Master of Mathematics at LOYOLA College, Chennai and I graduated with distinction in 2000.

Teaching has always been my passion. The 19 years’ experience of teaching the British Curriculum in esteemed institutions across the UAE has transformed me into a Teacher who believes in wholesome development of the student community not only by dissemination of knowledge but by prodding the young minds to look beyond what they can see and to address the diverse interests and needs of students which ultimately will make them productive global citizens. Trust plays a major role in a school environment. Teaching should be learner-centered starting from the learner’s needs and objectives and not from what the teacher wants to teach. Students should also be given the chance to be their own mentors, being given the autonomy for self-learning. For those who lack motivation and thereby lacking competence, a sort of empathy and understanding can help and even create an urge to compete. With this practice, I try to take students out of the mind-set that they work only for grades but for learning in the first place and because they trust their teacher, they know they will get there.

My philosophy about education is that every student is a unique gift from God and a teacher plays a pivotal role in tapping those hidden talents and helping him / her cope with the world at large. I also believe that the future of a nation lies within the four walls of a classroom.

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