Jelena Prof 22-23

Ms. Jelena Marijan Omeragic

Director of Creative and Performing Arts

Hi, I am Jelena Marijan Omeragic, Director of Creative Performing Art and the Lead Internal Verifier for Media Studies.  I have lived in the UAE with my family most of my life which has been a unique and enriching experience. I have completed my studies in Florence, Italy where I have specialized in Art and Design. I have been a part of the Cambridge High School community since 2011.

It has been quite a journey and working in education has given me a dynamic and rewarding career. Taking up this position has given me the chance to help our students discover their talent and potential in various creative and performing fields. I look forward to providing new learning opportunities for the future generations of artists, creators, performers and leaders as well as continuing my professional development in education.

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