Erika Pf 07 12 21

Ms. Erika Van Eeden

Director of Inclusion

Hello everyone,  I am a veteran teacher with 33 years’ experience in both elementary and secondary classrooms. I joined Cambridge High School in 2005 as a Social Studies teacher for Yr. 2 and in 2007, I established the English Language Learning department. I was appointed Head of Inclusion in 2015. The Inclusion Department provides student support in four areas of speciality: English Language Learning, Special Educational Needs, Gifted & Talented and Counselling.

My role is to run support programmes for students with various needs in these areas of speciality. The support given includes Parent support, Learner Support Assistant training and Teacher support. The department is well established and has grown from strength to strength. The parent community is most appreciative of the support their children are receiving at CHS. With the 14 years of experience in GEMS, I believe that they have always given an equal educational opportunity to each child. I am very proud of having had the opportunity to touch the lives of many students over the years who have become successful adults in their working environment.

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