Welcome message from the Principal

Mr. Jason Jonathan King

A very warm welcome back to all of the Cambridge community in the 26th year of the school, and I hope that you have had a great summer vacation. I am extremely excited about the journey ahead and engaging with you as part of continuing to raise standards with a new look and feel in pursuing excellence for our young people.

It gives me a great sense of pride to be celebrating some outstanding IGCSE and A level results during the last academic year. With almost a 100% pass rate at A level, and our IGCSE results 20% above the UK national average there is a lot to celebrate. We have many of our students now embarking on degree courses in medicine, engineering, law, aviation, marketing and communications in top universities across the world in the U.K., U.S., Europe, Australia, and here in the UAE.

I will be hosting some ‘Meet the Principal’ workshops over the next two months to engage you in the continued growth of the school taking on board your views as part of our ‘Home School Agreement’ and through new initiatives such as the ‘Parents Council’, and ‘Friends of Cambridge’ involving you more in the decision-making processes of the school.

This year excellence, holistic education and a team of dedicated teachers will be working with your children encouraging values such as honesty, responsibility, tolerance and respect for the right of others, irrespective of nationality, gender, culture or religion at the foundation of their learning. This will provide them with the skills and knowledge that will be needed to meet the challenges of the future.

A school is about the quality of learning and teaching, but it is also about creating a warm, enthusiastic and exciting environment in which young people can learn, create and innovate to succeed. We are committed to providing a quality education with high expectations; we believe in the importance of both cognitive and affective learning; we are dedicated to educating and providing our students with a safe, happy and nurturing learning environment; we offer our students a range of activities and opportunities designed to promote excellence, success, confidence and self-esteem.

If you are a new or existing parent look forward to an exciting journey ahead this year, and if you are an interested parent not currently part of our family and share these goals and beliefs, we welcome you to contact us or better still visit the school.


Yours sincerely,


Jason Jonathan King